Tamir Mendel


I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel Aviv University. My research aims to create intelligent interactive systems that help users address privacy and security challenges. By taking advantage of social networks, crowdsourcing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

My Ph.D. research aims to empower older adults and help them make safe mobile security and privacy decisions by leveraging their social connections. First, I understood older adults' challenges and interactions with other people to receive support in mobile safety. Then, I designed, developed, and evaluated mobile applications that will be usable, empowering, and teachable for older adults. My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. Eran Toch.

I received my MSc also under the advisement of Eran Toch. My Master's thesis focused on influencing users' privacy behavior in online social networks. I built a custom Facebook application to collect feedback from users regarding their intention to adopt privacy practices from different sources: authoritative organizations and friends with varying tie strength. 


  • 15/6/2022 - Presenting a poster at IsraHCI 2022 based on my work "Toward Proactive Support for Older Adults: Predicting the Right Moment for Providing Mobile Safety Help".

  • 08/3/2022 - Giving my industrial engineering department seminar on Tuesday at Tel Aviv University. Present in person and Zoom. One step before submitting my dissertation. Read more.

  • 20/2/2022 - This semester, for the first time, I will be a lecturer in two courses: Big Data Engineering and Data Warehouses. 

  • 17/2/2022 - Our demo "Meerkat: A Social Community Support Application for Older Adults" has been accepted to CHI2022.

  • 27/1/2022 - Our paper "Toward Proactive Support for Older Adults: Predicting the Right Moment for Providing Mobile Safety Help" has been accepted to IMWUT. https://doi.org/10.1145/3517249


Human-computer Interaction

Interaction with mobile computing, social computing, interaction with AI, accessibility.

Human-AI interaction

AI assists, AI teaches, and AI explains to human. The interactions between humans and Artificial Intelligence.

Usable Security and Privacy

Privacy and security in mobile and social networks.